My name is Marian P. McClure, and I’m a professional cat’s behavior researcher. You’re probably on my website in search of a cat’s product that can help make your experience a lot easier and more productive.

I am a cat trainer who toilet trained my first cat while in college. Since that time, I have been using the best litter box, cat litter, best litter scooping method to give my cats the best experience.

My love of felines continues to grow, and I stroll out always with my cats, having so much fun in every chance I get.

My Qualification

I have worked in shelters, been a pet sitter for at least 100 cats, and most importantly, been a cat owner my entire life. So I’ve had a lot of experience with kitty litter! Here’s how all the unsavory time I’ve spent cleaning out cat boxes is worth it. I have a lot of experience and recommendations to share in my cat litter reviews.

My Mission is a website about cats and advice on how to take good care of them. We believe each pet can bring in much fun and joy to any home as long as they are adequately taken care of.

Provide accurate buying guides about Cat’s product

Our team of part-time writers and editors are made of cat owners and experts who are always on the ground on bringing you helpful and useful content as regularly as we can. We believe that if we can help our visitors find the right info for their cat’s needs, it will lead to more informed decisions and a better life. So, we make a conscious effort in achieving that.

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Provide Unbiased reviews

Every of our team members who put in the effort to build this site into something worthwhile and useful does so with cats’ best interests at heart. Over the years, we have worked hard to make Catthink a reflection of our love for our cats by capturing their behavior, dignity, personality, quirks, and humor.

So, we do our best to keep our content relevant and fresh for our esteemed readers to update them with the latest and information.

We look forward to having a community of like-minded pet owners by making it easier for you to take good care of your pets.


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