Top 6 Best Cat Litter Crystals in 2022 You Must Know & Try

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The best cat litter crystals title goes to PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal. This litter is not combustible or flammable in any way. Also, there is almost no annoying dust and tracking. However, the price is not pocket-friendly. You should be ready to quite a budget monthly to ensure your cats have the most comfortable space to do her duties.

If you have a tight budget, then, fortunately, many other great products fit your pocket. We recommend some right below – “with detail reviews” we might add. Even more, we give complete answers to all frequently asked questions so that you can use the best cat litter safely and economically.

Thus, keep reading with us!

What is the Best Cat Litter Crystals in 2020?

  1. PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter
  2. Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter
  3. Just The Crystals Premium
  4. FreshMAGIC Large Chunk Style Crystal Cat Litter
  5. Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter
  6. Amazing Cat Litter

Reviews of 5 Best Cat Litter Crystals in 2020

#1: PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter

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Highlighted features:

  • Amorphous silica gels
  • The compatible best litter box for cats
  • Convenient portions
  • Low-dust and low-tracking benefits

If you are looking for an economical cat litter package with an excellent absorbent and odor-controlling performance, then PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-clumping is available at your fingertips.

In specific, the litter is made of blue crystal silica gel – “without cobalt chloride” we might add. Hence, you can rest assured that the PetSafe ScoopFree causes no severe harm for people and cats, even when it is accidentally eaten, except for the fact that cats might have a choking hazard.

Moreover, this is a non-clumping litter – suitable for busy cats’ owners. Although the absorption ability is not five times better than the clumping litter as advertised, its performance is still surprisingly good at the price range. Hence, you can expect the litter to absorb a large amount of odor and urine and last for three weeks or even 30 days in case you have one little cat.

Besides, there are different scents to meet the demands of various cats’ owners. Correctly, you can choose among unscented, sensitive, and lavender options. The odor-controlling is unchanged.

  • Unscented litter: The product only consists of blue silica gel and no masked scent agents. Thus, it smells like the original silica gel packages you find in new clothing.
  • Lavender litter: Some cats’ owners prefer scented litters to mask the telltale smell of feces, mold, and ammonia. Then, go for the lavender option. This litter features a light synthetic lavender fragrance – comfortable enough for you and your cats.
  • Sensitive litter: For kittens or sensitive cats (with softy paws), we recommend the ScoopFree Premium Sensitive since it has no perfumes or dyes.

We also like that PetSafe ScoopFree Premium is easily cleaned-up. The silica gel is disposed of in a trash unit. So, you can just remove the waste and put it in a sealed bag and throw it into the trash bin. However, do not flush the litter down a toilet. There is no description saying that this litter is flushable.

Almost all are good, except for the fact that it is a little dusty and there is no ingredient list so we can not make the deep track what is included in the package. Moreover, PetSafe is a Chinese brand.

  • Affordable package
  • Well absorbent and odor-controlling
  • Non-clumping
  • Economical use (can last for three weeks to 30 days)
  • Various scent options
  • Easy cleanup
  • Lack of ingredient list
  • Not 99% dust-free as advertised
  • Chinese litter brand
  • Cats might not like the scented option

#2: Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter


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The Fresh Step Crystals Premium is is a bit more expensive than the PetSafe ScoopFree cat litter. However, it is still worthy when considering the capacity and fast-absorbent formula.

Highlighted features:

  • Ultra-lightweight and portable package
  • Odour-locking crystal gels
  • Not combustible or flammable
  • Low-dust formula (although not very good as advertised)
  • Highly scented litter
  • 30-day odor control guarantee

Is the product that good?

Our first impression on the FreshStep Crystals Premium is its lightweight design. Accordingly, an 8lb package is as useful as the 28lb bag of the conventional clumping clay. Aside from the fact that lightweight litters are more portable around, they are proved to be more durable and economical. Such light and soft crystal gels are also recommended for cats with sensitive paws.

Secondly, the litter is also made of silica gel, but it does not consist of crystalline silica restricted by scientific detection like cheap crystal products. As a result, it can trap liquid quickly five times more effective than the clay and allows it to evaporate, then be soon disposed of.

However, please note that the absorbency is non-clumping. It is acceptable to mix the waste if you do not have time for frequent cleanup. Then, the litter can last for one or even two months before it is entirely exhausted and you need empty the box out. This is when you have one cat. If you have more cats, you might need to change per week rather per month, though.

In terms of odor-locking performance, the Fresh Step cat litter adopts a powerful odor-squashing technology to reduce odors, control the growth of bacteria and pesky enzymes. Moreover, the manufacturer adds some fragrance scents to improve the odor-controlling. The smell is decent and subdued shortly.

The lightweight formula has two sides of a coin. While it is effectively-absorbent and durable, it tracks easily – especially when you pour the litter into the box or when cats try to make a mess to cover their products. Fortunately, the cleaning is not too much time-consuming.

Also, we recommend not mixing all together too quickly. One more thing is, the price is a bit higher than other crystal cat litters.

  • Lack of ingredient list
  • Not 99% dust-free as advertised
  • Chinese litter brand
  • Cats might not like the scented option
  • Expensive
  • A bit dusty
  • No sensitive option like the PetSafe

#3: Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter


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Although the performance of the Just The Crystals Premium is not on par with the two crystal cat litters mentioned above, we still recommend it as a reliable unscented crystal cat litter.

What to expect from the litter?

  • Made by silica gels without crystalline substances
  • Competitive price in comparison with clumping clay litter
  • Work with scoop-free automatic litter box

Now let’s get insight into the functional performance.

First off, this litter is also crafted with premium crystal gels to maximize the absorption ability so that you can use the litter more economically – and without the fear of odors. Again, we must emphasize that premium crystal litters like Just The Crystals are 5 times more absorbent than the clay.

Even better, the manufacturer makes its silica particles a little bigger and more porous. Thus, you can see that the gels soak more urine and liquid at a time and also dry faster.

Plus, if you do not like the artificial scent, then you will be in love with the Just The Crystals Premium. It is perfume-free, meaning there is almost no suspiciously harmful chemicals or additions added. And interesting enough, the odor-control remains excellent. Even when you forget to clean the wet waste for several days, no disgusting smell comes out.

You might even like the litter after knowing that it is successfully tested to be used in an auto box. This reduces your cleaning efforts and keeps your home smell like home.

Although the litter is really good at absorbing and locking odors, it is not very popular for two reasons.

Firstly, the package comes in two sizes – 4 lbs and 8 lbs. It is fine enough to use within 12 to 15 days if you have one cat. When it comes to multiple cats sharing the same box litter, then you will find yourself at pet shops or supermarkets several times a month. Hence, to be honest, Just The Crystals Premium is not very economical.

Secondly, many cats do not like the substantial texture of this premium crystal litter. Hence, you should not buy the Just The Crystals in bulk. Instead, get a 4-lb package and test whether the cats love it first.

  • Made of high-quality crystal silica gels
  • Fast-absorbent functionality
  • No artificial fragrance additions
  • Run out shortly
  • A bit dusty
  • Uncomfortable texture

#4: FreshMAGIC Large Chunk Style Crystal Cat Litter


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The FreshMAGIC Large Chunk Style Crystal is the next crystal cat we want to introduce to you. This is well-known for odor-control ability thanks to the advanced technology to convert silica sand into microscopic pores crystals.

Let’s see how the manufacturer promises about this litter:

  • Made of premium silica sand – SiO² without crystalline silica
  • Chunk-shaped crystals to reduce tracking
  • Low-dust performance even when shipping or handling
  • Branded U.S company with 24 years of experiences
  • Work with automatic boxes and tray refills
  • Superior odor-control performance

And, here is what our test revealed.

From the information listed above, many of you might be wondering whether silica sand is different from the silica gels – the main ingredients in PetSafe, FreshStep, and Just The Crystal litters. Then, they are the same in construction and functionalities.

To be exact, the crystal particles include millions of microscopic pores that are helpful to exhale moisture from urine, feces, and ammonia. As a result, the FreshMAGIC performs excellently at absorbing liquids and controlling odors. What’s more, the litter is unscented – which is ideal for cats and people having sensitive skin and noses.

The difference is the irregular shape of crystals. They bring about a bunch of benefits for you and your cats.

Firstly, the chunks are designed to be larger and prevent themselves from rolling around. Hence, this litter is ideal for your playful cats. They can have fun, and you will not be worried about a messy room. Secondly, the large size also minimizes dusty-experience, so both your family and your cats are protected from breathing problems. Moreover, the chunk crystals can be used in both tray refills and automatic litter boxes to reduce your cleaning tasks.

How about drawbacks?

Yes, there is still something to complain about. For example, the manufacturer claims that one 8-lb package can last for one month. Nevertheless, our practice test is much less. The chunk particles seem to pick up more clean crystals when scooping out with a regular scoop. Or, the large chunks can be a bit frustrated with kittens or cats with sensitive paws.

  • The best of the best odor control
  • Irregular chunks for easy cleanup
  • Less-tracking and almost dust-free
  • Unscented clumping litter
  • A bit expensive
  • Uneconomical use
  • Not every cat loves it

#5: Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter


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How lovely the package is!

The Ultra Pet Ultra Micro Litter is the cheapest silica cat litter that performance many times more excellent than the litter at its price range.

Basic information:

  • Pearl silica gels to maximum odor-locking
  • Mixed with vegetable dye rather than cobalt chloride
  • Soft texture on the cats’ paws
  • 1000’s of mini channels to absorb liquid waste
  • Be environmentally-friendly

We recommend this litter for cats with sensitive claws. Know why?

It is because of the comfortable micro-crystals, so-called the pearl crystals combined with white vegetable dye. This material is a combination of bead or granular silica crystal gels and the sodium silicate sand. Such ingredients are broken down to be soft and absorbent. Thus, the gels are comfortable on the cats’ paws.

Specifically, the small texture improves the absorptive surfaces as the liquid has a thousand paths to flow between the crystals. Thus, the waste is quickly dehydrated, and the odor is locked for long periods – even a month according to several tests.

What’s more, the litter is non-clumping as the regular clay products. It means you do not need to exchange the litter box too often. This helps reduce the use of litters, as well as to ensure the clean environment for your cats. Thanks to the white color of the crystals, you can easily find out when the litter box is exhausted. Also, the feces often come out toward the box top. You can use the standard litter box or find the automatic box – the best litter box for crystals for the time being.

Besides the odor-controlling performance, the price is also pocket-friendly.

One more note, you should not use this litter for cats who have a habit of licking their paws. Although the silica pearl crystals and vegetable dye are non-toxic, the small size can still cause digestive issues when ingesting too much. Otherwise, you should change this harmful habit of cats whenever they notice they are doing so.

The different size possibly causes messy tracking as well. Thankfully, most of the pearls fall immediately near the box. Then, it only takes several minutes to do the cleaning up. Also, dust is at a minimum.

  • Affordable price
  • Absorbent and soft silica pearls
  • Non-clumping performance
  • Less dust
  • Possibly cause digestive problem
  • A bit tracking

#6: Amazing Cat Litter


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I think this product would make a great deal for people that are sick of having to go numerous trips to buy more cat litter, and “serve” a whole multi-cat household.

And remember what we said about crystal cat litter is quite expensive? Amazing Cat Litter can be the solution to that if you don’t mind spending a little time mastering your litter scooping and scraping skill.


  • 8lb of Amazing Cat Litter can be as effective as 224 lb of clay, 112 lb of clumping, or 93 lb of blended litter
  • Budget-friendly
  • 8lb of Amazing Cat Litter lasts up to 80 days
  • Instant absorbent

Is it cost-effective?

Amazing Cat Litter’s profile looks amazing as the name suggested and also promising. So we couldn’t wait to see if it’s as good as it says, because selling crystal litter at a price 5 times lower than usual ones is a little bit too good to be true.

Made from 100% silica gel, the product locked in the odor and the liquid nicely. Still, some dust might come out of it and fly around as you are filling the litter boxes. So if you have a sensitive nose, this product might not be for you.

The first thing that held our interest in the Amazing Cat Litter’ label is the ‘Last up to 80 Days’ claim. But if you read the info carefully, you’ll see there’s a line that says ‘Results may vary based on litter box location, climate, humidity, and individual cats’.

It could be our case since our second batch of the litter lasted only 36 days. Still, this extended to around 60 days for the other following batches when we’ve leveled up our scraping techniques.

Still and all, it does last significantly longer than most non-clumping cat litters that need to be replaced weekly. This can benefit you in many ways: you might not have to make as many trips to the pet shop to stock up on cat litter as you did before. It can save you some money, not to mention it is super eco-friendly.

All you need is a little practice on your scraping skills. Here’s a tip from us to get you started: when you stir the litter, scrape to the bottom of the litter tray, it’ll prevent the litter from saturated and shifting colors.

Overall, the Amazing Cat Litter works like a charm when it comes to basic features such as odor control and absorbent. It didn’t last exactly 80 days as claimed but the elapsed time is remarkable compared to many products in its range.

  • Cost-effective
  • Less shopping trips
  • Long-Lasting
  • Sufficient odor control and absorbent
  • Requires some experienced scraping
  • Quite dusty

What is the Crystal Cat Litter?

Is this the first time you try gel or micro-crystal cat litter after hearing many times about its benefits to cats, especially kittens? Then, you might want to know more about this type of litter before jumping on purchase.

As the name suggests, the crystal cat litter is primarily made of silica gel. This is a substance composed of water, oxygen, and silica dioxide sand. Interestingly enough, you can find a little package of silica gel, coming along with foods, medications, cameras, or leather products.

It makes sense!

Silica gel is a desiccant, meaning it is good at absorbing and holding water vapor (40 times bigger than their weight in liquid) to deter the growth of moisture buildup and mold. This material has been used to make just the crystals cat litter products since 1999. Now, thanks to advanced technologies and techniques, crystal litters become more and more popular among cats’ owners.

Benefits of Crystal Cat Litter

Since the silica crystal is effective at absorbing liquid, you can expect a bunch of benefits from using this type of cat litter at home. For example?

Good at absorbing liquid: As we mentioned above, silica gel can trap and soak up much water vapor and other fluids in a short time. No worries about a mess litter box in the very morning.

Effective odor control: How much you might love your sweet little kittens, you have to admit that the urine and ammonia they produce daily are annoying. Thankfully, crystal cat litters not only hold liquid quickly, but they also trap odors in the air effectively. This is such a lifesaver!

Free of dust and tracking: Another issue facing almost all cats’ owners is the dust, and tracking traces resulted from the litters. Fortunately, most crystal cat litters are dust-free because of their gel form and size. In case any member of your family has respiratory problems such as allergies, the crystal cat litters are the best choice. Moreover, the gel will not stick to the cats’ paws – so no tracks afterward. So you can rest assured that there are very few particles of silica crystal left on the floor, clothing, or the like.

Effortless cleaning and maintenance: Due to the quick absorption and dust-free performance, crystal cat litters make your life and your cats’ life much more comfortable. Simply put, you can use a standard scoop to pick up the solid waste and stir the clean gels to avoid over saturation. Even more, some silica litters for kittens are even flushable down to the toilet. Besides, the dust- and tracking-free benefit also means you can clean the litter box and your house effortlessly.

Decently hypoallergenic: So far, there are no official reports about allergies to silica crystal cat litters. Hence, you can relax while handling the litters – even when you have sensitive skin. Also, your sensitive cats might feel less irritated on their skin and paw pads.

Economical use: Finally, the crystal cat litter can last longer than the traditional clay litters, for two reasons. Firstly, they are absorbent, less-odor, and less-mold. It means you do not have to change the litter box too much frequently. Secondly, the gels are more substantial and create solid waste better than clay particles. Thus, with the same scoop, you can reduce the number of litter thrown away.

Cons of using Crystal Cat Litter

There are too many benefits of using the crystal cat litter. So, is this the best type of cat litter? – Actually, no! There is still something we do not like about the silica crystal gels.

A bit expensive: Although crystal cat litters are economical to use in the long term, their original prices might make you hesitate for a moment. It makes sense when thinking about their absorption and odor-control abilities. However, if you have many cats at home, then, what you pay for monthly cat litters might cost a fortune.

So, how to cut down the cost?

Once you make sure your cats love crystal litters, we recommend buying large packages or even large quantities of bags at a time. It is the best way to get cheaper litters.

Non-recommended for declawed cats: Surprisingly, many cats do not like the crystal litters, especially those with declawed paws. Accordingly, the rough size and shape of the gels cause pain on paw pads while the cats scratch or have some fun in the box. For this reason, this type of litter is not suitable for multiple cats.

Non-digestible gels: Although silica is not toxic, it might be combined with other chemicals like cobalt chloride to improve the overall performance. This is the possible cause of medical problems if ingested. Therefore, be careful when using the silica litters for kittens. They are so notorious that they lick their paws or even eat gel particles. Consequently, cats might vomit or have diarrhea.

Is crystal cat litter safe?

Rather than price, what you might concern the most is the crystal cat litter safety. In that case, we confirm that your cats are safe as long as they do not eat the gels. The additions in litter products are one reason – as we claim above. On the other hand, silica crystal gels often cause a choking hazard rather than being toxic. If your cats swallow the gels and get unhealthy behaviors, you had better bring them to a doctor.

FAQs & Tips

1. How to introduce your loved cats to their new crystal litter?

If your cats never use crystal cat litter before, she might need some time to get familiar with the new bedding. Fortunately, you can help by:

  1. Fill an original litter box with crystal gels besides her current litter box. Also, pour a small number of gels into the old litter.
  2. Do not clean the old litter. Cats are a clean nature, so they are likely to do their duties in the new clean box.
  3. Once the cat seems to forget the old litter, remove it out of their site. And, your cat is successfully introduced to the new crystal cat.

2. Can you flush crystal cat litter?


Some cat litters made of natural materials like paper, wood or corn are possibly flushable. Meanwhile, gel crystal ones typically cannot do so because they are often mixed with artificial substances. The best way to figure out whether one litter is flushable or not is to read reviews by customers rather than the product information.

Anyway, we do not recommend flushing down the waste litter to the toilet. It can destroy the water environment and your plumbing.

3. How often do you change crystal litter?

Although crystal litters are good at absorbing liquid, they become saturated with urine and odor eventually. Then, it is time to clean the mess.

How often you should change the litter is based on the number of cats, their ages, the types of litters, and more. If you are not very busy, remove the waste daily. Otherwise, a typical crystal litter can use from one week to one month.

Besides, you can pay attention to when it has a slight odor or your cats are hesitating to do their duties. Some litters will change the color when absorbing a specific amount of liquid. Hence, read the instruction, if any, carefully.

4. Is crystal litter bad for the environment?

As long as you treat the waste litter properly, crystal gels will do no harm to the environment. For example, if there is nowhere in the label saying that you can flush the litter, then do not take a chance.

5. Can crystal cat litter be washed and reused & How?

Yes, it can be washed and reused, thankfully!

This not only helps to save money on buying new packages, but it also reduces the impact on the environment. People will thank you. Simply put, remove all the waste solids. Then, pour the litter into a bucket before adding some baking soda and several cups of apple cider vinegar. Wait for the mixture to foam up. Next, fill the foamed litter with hot water and swirl all around. Let it dry naturally for a couple of hours. Refill the litter with cold water and let it be overnight.

You’ve done. And here is what you can get.


Crystal vs Clumping Clay, Sand & Pine litter?

Still, wondering whether to use a crystal or clumping clay, or sand, or pine litters? Then we give a brief comparison to help you make a choice.

Odor controlMoreLessLessMore
Absorb urineMoreLessLessLess
Dyes2 Options: Dyed/ No DyedNoNoNo

As can be seen, crystal cat litters are well-performed in terms of absorption, odor control, as well as dust and tracking reduction. However, they are more expensive than sand and clumping clay litters. Also, they have scented ingredients to mask the smell of urine and waste. If you are sensitive to strong perfume, then you might not very like this type of litter.

Our Verdict

From our tests’ results, the winner of the best cat litter crystals roundup is PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter.

Know why?

  • This product is mid-priced
  • Compared to other litters on the list, the PetSafe features excellent absorbency and odor-control
  • The manufacturer even offers various options from unscented litter to sensitive litter to cover all demands
  • Also, the litter is both low-dust and low-tracking

And you, have you found the best cat litter crystals out of products we reviewed today?

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