23 Best Litter Boxes Furniture Enclosure in 2022

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As a pet owner, you all want to obtain the best furniture litter boxes enclosure for your adorable kittens and cats to make them feel comfortable with their own kitty litter tray spaces. However, it’s not a piece of cake to opt for a suitable product among the diversity of cat litter brands out there. That’s why we’re here to come to your rescue.

After reviewing multiple models of cat litter boxes brands on the current market, we find out that the Refined Feline Refined Litter Box can suit the needs of most cat guardians. However, you should read on to figure out other products that may fit your budgets and to know Ikea hacks and DIY about how to select the best one for your cats.

Top-Rated Litter Box Furniture (Detailed Reviews)

#1: The Refined Feline Reversible Cat Litter Box Enclosure


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  • Color: Espresso
  • Brand: The Refined Feline
  • Size: Large
  • Item Dimensions(LxWxH): 27.5 x 20 x 28 inches

The Refined Feline Refined product gained the first position on our recommendation list as it’s indeed a discrete solution to your needs of cat litter boxes. Made of solid wood with either espresso or mahogany finish resembling a regular cabinet or end table, it makes your decor look more decent.

With the internal dimensions of 31.5” wide, 20.5” high, and 20” deep, this box will give your cat much room to do his own business. It’s also spacy enough for the litter trays to fit in. Besides, the dual carbon filters will help to make your home more pleasant-smelling by trapping and neutralizing odors.

Another feature I love about this item is its reversible side walls, since it allows my cat to climb in and out freely from either the left or the right. Many of my friends share the same opinion with me as they said that this feature was very convenient, mostly when they wanted to place one side up against a wall.


However, the Refined Feline model doesn’t come with the bottom wood litter catch and universal carbon filter, which means that you have to purchase them separately. Also, despite its outstanding characteristics, it seems to be a bit expensive.

All in all, though this model may be unaffordable to those who are on a tight budget, it’s still one of the advisable choices for those who want a product with large dimensions and reversible sidewalls.

#2: Merry Pet Cat Washroom

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  • Colors: White, Black, Gray, Walnut
  • Bench dimensions: 21.26” D x 37.40” W x 22.64” H
  • Door measurements: 7” W x 8” H

The Merry Pet Cat Washroom is the product that will help to solve the clean-up problem. To be more specific, you aren’t forced to lug over all the clean litter, trash bags, or scoops when cleaning out your pet litter because this model features a large storage compartment to fit all of them.

The unit is constructed with medium-density fiberboard, but the panels look robust, and its compact and decent design resembles real furniture. Thus, it can perfectly match with your home’s vintage or contemporary decor, the room style and the sole paint colors do not matter.

Furthermore, you needn’t make much effort to assemble this cat washroom. It only takes you roughly half an hour to build it, depending on whether you do it with assistance or not. However, note that there should be no obstacle where you place the panel since that can hinder the doors (which swing one way only).


However, this unit’s main drawback comes from its pre-drilled holes, which was said to be missing, or not to be well-aligned with its doors in some cases.

Generally, though the Merry Pet Cat Washroom features not up to par pre-drilled holes in some instances, this problem can be adjusted without much difficulty. Regarding its price of around $150, it could be a more affordable option than our top pick.

#3: ecoFlex Litter Loo/End Table


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  • Size: Jumbo, Standard
  • Colors: Antique White, Espresso, Gray, Grey, Russet
  • Exterior (in) : 23.6 (L) x 18.5 (W) x 22.0 (H)
  • Interior (in): 21.1 (L) x 17.1 (W) x 20.5 (H)
  • Door (in): 7.9 (W) x 7.9 (H)

The ecoFlex Litter Loo is constructed with a non-porous ecoFlex composite of recycled plastic and slick wood. Hence, it doesn’t get soaked in the urine, which contributes to its long life since urine-soaked furniture permeates your house with bad smells, and eventually, you need to throw it away.

What’s more, this product has a large front door, which can be easily opened to clean the external compartment and replace the litter. Also, a magnetic closure feature helps latch the box securely and makes it straightforward to open.

Like the previous products on our list, this unit is not too difficult to assemble. You just need to spend a few minutes assembling the separate parts included in the piece because you don’t need any tools.


However, there are some occasions when the panels may be more prone to wear and tear since they are not thick enough. Also, you may encounter the same problem with the door. The hinged front door is of the low-end quality and looks a little thin, so it can get broken after a period of use.

In a nutshell, regardless of some occasional issues with the panels and the hinged door, the ecoFlex Litter Loo can be more appropriate for those who prefer products made from recycled materials with modest prices of less than $100, yet still offering standard features for their cats.

#4: Internet’s Best Cat House & Side Table

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  • Colors: Espresso, White
  • External: 48 CM W x 51 CM L x 46 CM H ;19” Width x 20” Depth x 20.25″ Height
  • Brand: Internet’s Best
  • Interior Usable Dimensions: 16.95” Width x 18.5” Length x 4″ Height (Height to Door Opening)

This cat house is a versatile item since it can give your feline companion a safe place to rest, and function as a handy side table or nightstand. With a classy espresso finish, and a wide tabletop providing much space for lamps, pots of plants, or drinking cups, it brings a luxurious and grand vibe to your house.

Regarding its design, this piece of furniture possesses an open decorative cat hole that is large enough for your kittens to enter and exit at freedom. The hinged door allows you to quickly put in or take out the litter boxes or pet beds and promptly get access to the interior.

This cat house model also features a secure magnetic closure feature, which makes it straightforward to latch and open the box. Besides, with nine holes included in its design, the cat house becomes more ventilated, contributing a better resting spot for your cats.


Nevertheless, this cat house has some trouble with its opening. I find it a bit low, and it would be much better if the manufacturer made it 2” or 3” higher. Also, the screws are not up to par in some cases, so you may need glue or something to make them stay in place.

After all, irrespective of its a bit low opening and low-end screws, this cat house is still one of the most suitable options for those owning small cats or kittens and not wanting to spend too much on the luxurious little box.

#5: Good Pet Hidden Cat

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  • Measures 42 inches high with included plant
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Good Pet Stuff

This hidden cat product can function as a decorative piece of furniture and also a fascinating cat little box. Unlike previous products we reviewed, this one resembles a real clay pot, with a plastic tree growing out of it. Also, included with this unit is a decorative moss, which helps make it incredibly realistic.

This sort of little box has dimensions of 19” x 19” x 20”, which is generally spacious enough for your cats. In addition, a vented system with many filters under the plant helps a lot to deal with dust and odors, so we can say with confidence that despite its size, cleaning it will not be a pain.

Perhaps the feature that I love about this product comes from its high entry. With the dimension of roughly 6.5 inches from the floor to the entrance, it helps to reduce kicked litter, and your cats can easily adjust in this furniture. Indeed, the manufacturer has paid close attention to and understood our pets’ needs.


There are still some problems with the moss, and the plant included, though. More specifically, some people don’t really like the tree since it’s made of seemingly low-quality plastic. Also, your playful cats may make your house more prone to be in such a mess whenever they have their fun time with the moss.

All in all, despite a bit cheaply made tree and problematic moss, the Hidden Cat model is not too expensive, and it may be a suitable alternative for those who want the box with large capacity and unique design for their pets.

#6: Designer Catbox Enclosure


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  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 18.5″L x 15.25″W x 5.25″H
  • Brand: Designer Catbox

Made of high-quality engineered wood, the designer catbox enclosure is a beautiful item with ample storage for your litter accessories such as a litter pan and litter scoop. Also, it features a glossy finish, which can add a stylish element to any room in your house.

In addition, this model also allows your feline friend to have its comfortable and private litter space with the interior dimensions of 26.4” x 18.5” x 15.25”. Regardless of its dimensions, the assembly is very easy, as you just need some standard tools and follow the product’s detailed instructions.

Besides, you can make the air inside your house clean and minimize the litter kicked onto the floor with its staggered entrance and interior panel. To add to this, the product also possesses an air pressure hinge that can hold up the chest lid for the smooth opening/closing and cleaning processes.

I dare say that this unit’s shortcoming comes from its drill holes, which are far too small. When you get the screws in, the thin wood is more prone to breakage. Also, this box furniture may emit a little pungent smell for the first few days of use, which’s a bit irritating to some customers.


Still, in a nutshell, the drawbacks of this catbox enclosure don’t matter much. We still think that it’s a more appropriate selection for ordinary customers with limited budgets.

Other Litter Box Furniture We Reviewed

Litter Box Storage Benches

#1: Crown Pet Products Cabinet


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The Crown Pet Cabinet is constructed with durable eco-friendly rubberwood, which is resistant to moisture and minor leakage or cracks. With the finish of either mahogany or espresso, this unit can perfectly match with your house furniture and add more beauty to the decor.

In addition to similar standard features to those of other brands, this stylish item features an interchangeable pet-access panel that is very easy for assembly on either the right or left side. Hence, this model can significantly meet the needs of those who want a product with great adaptability to the location they prefer.

#2: Designer Catbox Jumbo Enclosure

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The Catbox Jumbo Enclosure is painted with lead-free paint that ensures your feline friend’s safety. It also features a 22.5″ x 17″ jumbo pan and 7”x8” staggered doorways, which are large enough for your pets to go inside or outside at will in almost every cat household.

With elegant design, this product can double as a side table for any room in your home. What’s more, the hinged lid can help to minimize the odors and the litter kicked around the house. All in all, it perfectly meets your basic needs for a large box enclosure than can house jumbo litter pans.

#3: Designer Catbox Enclosure


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This enclosure is similar to the Catbox Jumbo Enclosure above in terms of its interior panel and staggered entrance features. However, it has a litter pan of 22.5″ x 17″, which is a little smaller than that of its Jumbo counterpart, but it can fit a larger litter pan if the interior panel is removed.

Another feature of this cat box is that it has an outer hole that you can set up either on the right or left, so it will stay hidden from your guests. What’s more, with hydraulic safety hinges, it allows you to carry out the cleaning with ease.

However, the product is not suitable for small spaces, so you should think about this con before buying it.

#4: Way Basics Enclosure


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This Way Basics enclosure is made from overlapping layers of post-consumer recycled paperboard, which is durable, environmentally-friendly, and toxin-free. This feature makes sure that your family and your feline friends are free from health risks. Moreover, the cleaning process is straightforward since you just need to use a damp cloth.

Another characteristic of this piece is that instead of hardware, Way Basics offers a 3M industrial adhesive for easy assembly without much effort and any tools. Therefore, this is the right product for people who don’t want to waste much time on the assembly.

Litter Box End Tables

#5: Arf Pets Cat Litter Furniture


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The Arf Pets Enclosed item is made of wood and has the outside dimension of 19.9” x 20.9” x 25.2”, which is suitable for even houses with limited space. Therefore, with this product, you can save a lot of space and still have a piece of lovely litter furniture for your cats.

Moreover, what I really love about this item is that it isn’t too expensive offering great functionality. It can enhance my home decor and also make my pets comfortable with their private cozy spot. That’s why I’d recommend it for those who love decor-wise furniture catering to both their needs and their pets’.

#6: Auténtico End Table


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The Auténtico end table has a retro design, which helps to save space and can be easily placed in the corner. It has four feet made of solid wood and equipped with rubber pads for its stable position. In addition, it comes with a soft flannelette cushion, which makes it a perfect resting or sleeping place for your feline friends.

However, it doesn’t allow for much room inside, so you should consider its dimension before making a purchase, since it may be only appropriate for indoor cats that need a small resting and sleeping spot.

#7: BBvilla Wooden Pet House


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The BBvilla Rectangle Wooden Pet House is made of a durable wood board that can withstand normal tears and wears. In terms of its function, it can work as a pet house, nightstand, or side table that can coordinate with any furniture in your home.

What’s more, this pet house has six small windows and an entry on the front, helping to increase the ventilation and airiness. Also, the iron bracket allows the whole house to stay dry from dirt and water.

All in all, this product is one of the advisable choices for those loving an item with a simple design for their feline friends.

#8: Internet’s Best Enclosure & Side Table


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This item features a classy espresso finish that adds a fascinating element to your house. It can be used as both a pet house and a side table, which is a common feature of almost every end table. Furthermore, with its wide tabletop, you could put magazines, lamps, or similar stuff, which is very convenient.

This piece will offer your pets a secure resting place. Its open cat hole allows your feline companion to climb in and out freely. Besides, it’s not difficult for you to insert or remove the little box thanks to its hinged door. Generally, it’s amongst the most sensible options for products with medium prices.

#9: PawHut Wooden Cat House


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The PawHut cat house is constructed of MDF board with toxin-free coating, which ensures both the users and their pets’ safety. In terms of its design, it has pre-cut ventilation holes, which supplies excellent air circulation for your cat’s private room.

However, this item’s only drawback comes from its included screws since they may fail to line up and tighten appropriately. After all, it can serve your basic needs, and its price is quite suitable. Therefore, it may not be for those who prefer high-quality cat houses.

#10: Pet Studio Meow Town Cabinet


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With a beautiful dark finish, this product is an effective way of concealing your litter box. Besides, it blends very well into your home furniture, making your house look more decent.

Notably, with magnetic-closing doors, it allows for easy box removal and cleaning processes. However, its main downside is the inconvenient drawer, which cannot be pulled out without opening the doors. Despite that, it’s the best litter box cabinet that suits most of your needs.

#11: Petsfit Double-Decker Pet House


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The Petsfit Double-Decker Pet House is the right solution to provide your pets with a warm resting place and conceal the litter box. Also, like other models on the market, this pet house helps to curb the smell, making your house clean.

Nevertheless, this item is not up to par because the inside opening is slightly small for large cats, and the interior is not waterproof. Overall, it can be most suitable for those who raise more than one pet because of its two large stores.

#12: Staart Dyad Chablis Pink


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The Staart Dyad model has a unique mid-century modern design with a waterproof coating, so it’s quite durable to the common tear and wears. Besides, the brand designed rounded edges to reduce your pet’s risks when they enter or exit the litter box.

Additionally, this item comes with no litter tray, mat, or rug since the producer understands that you may want to get one that suits your cats’ needs. It’s also very reasonably priced, but it may not be suitable for someone who doesn’t love products with unusual decorative styles.

#13: unipaws Designer Cat Washroom


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The UH5039 Cat Washroom Bench features a durable wooden design with two separate rooms, which are quite large for your feline friends. Besides, it features an interior panel that can reduce the amount of litter kicked out on the food and the smell.

However, this item’s main shortcoming is that it’s only available in white. Thus, you can refer to the same-brand items like the UH5086 washroom bench if you like another color.

Hidden Litter Box Enclosure

#14: Mable Ruth Ottoman Enclosure


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The Mable Ruth Ottoman Enclosure is lightweight yet robust enough to support many activities of your cats and also doubles as a nice bench. It can give an utterly comfortable and roomy resting spot for your pets and help you to relax in your free time.

Furthermore, the cleaning and assembly are straightforward and don’t take up a lot of your time. In conclusion, it’s a good choice for ordinary customers who want a product with a low price and don’t care much about its durability.

#15: Pet Parade Black Ottoman


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The parade black ottoman has a black faux leather finish, so it can blend very well with other items in your house. Moreover, like the Mable Ruth ottoman enclosure, it can be folded for easy storage.

However, if your cats are large, it doesn’t have much space for them. Therefore, we only recommend this item to those whose cats are small.

#16: PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Enclosure


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Mr. Herzher’s item has a medium dimension that can accommodate 18.5” x 15” litter pans. With two sizes available, this product offers two options, including the large model or the jumbo one for you to choose, depending on your needs to hide litter boxes.

However, the main disadvantage of this product is that it seems a bit expensive, despite some of its unique features. Hence, you should think it over before purchasing this item.

#17: Trixie Cat Home Enclosure


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The Trixie enclosure has a sturdy design with great functionality because you can use it as either a cat litter box or an indoor pet house. Outside of this, the ventilation holes promote the air circulation of this item, allowing your pet to enjoy an airy and clean resting spot. Its wide door with magnetic closure feature makes the cleaning an easy task to carry out.

More importantly, it’s reasonably priced, which accounts for its great suitability for limited budget customers.

FAQ & Tips

Which features of litter box furniture should we consider?

After reading our reviews above, if you haven’t made up our mind about what to select, let’s look through the following common features:

  • Product type: Normally, most products are designed to resemble end tables or benches, or non-standard designs such as ottomans. Hence, you can think about your house design so that you can pick a product that perfectly fits its decor.
  • Dimension: You should care about the dimensions of the products that you want to purchase. Obviously, one with a larger interior compartment is more suitable for your large cats to turn around in and for you to hide a bigger litter tray.
  • Material: There are many types of material such as solid wood, recycled board, plastic, and so on. Usually, many customers choose an item made of plastic since it’s more affordable and resistant to the urine of your cat. However, if you are eco-conscious, you can select eco-friendly products made of recycled paper or cardboard.
  • Color: It’s just a matter of personal preferences regarding what finish or color to choose among multiple color options such as dark brown, white, espresso or mahogany, etc. However, you can consider your house’s interior color and decor to pick a suitable color.
  • Price: Normally, the product made of solid wood will be more expensive than the one with the same dimensions but made of plastics. It would be best if you could purchase a high-end item with longevity since we can hardly expect a too cheap yet durable one.

Do cats like and know to use litter box enclosures?

In general, it depends on your feline friends’ preferences and behavior. Though picky about where to do their business, they can quickly get used to using a new litter box enclosure, especially when it offers a cozy and relaxing place for them.

Where’s a suitable place to hide cat litter?

Currently, a few models have a separate compartment for you to store clean litter for ready use. Hence, you can conceal your litter in your kitchen cupboard, a coat closet, or elsewhere convenient for you to bring it to your litter box when it needs to be refilled.

What can I do to keep my dog out of the litter box?

On the condition that your dog is not small enough to enter the furniture box, you can use the litter box furniture to prevent it from accessing your cat’s litter box. Furthermore, you can put the box up at the height that your puppy is not able to reach it.

Where should the litter box be placed?

Since cats prefer somewhere quiet with little foot traffic to do their business, you can put it in your dining room or square bedroom, etc. If your house doesn’t have much space, you can place it at the corner of a room or elsewhere that can make your cats comfortable.



In a nutshell, after close consideration of all pros and cons of each product above, we reach the conclusion that the Refined Feline Refined Litter Box should be regarded as one of the best furniture litter boxes regarding its more outstanding features compared to those of others.

Specifically, it’s durable and eye-catching as it’s made of solid wood with espresso or mahogany finish. In fact, there are hardly any products featuring large dimensions, dual carbon filters, and reversible sidewalls with a not too high price like it. We’re sure that both you and your feline friends will feel satisfied and comfortable with this best product!

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