Blue Point Siamese Cat: Ultimate Care Guide

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So maybe you saw a cute Blue Point Siamese kitten for sale and really want to buy it, but as a responsible pet owner, you know that you have to do some research before getting yourself a new family member.

This guide should help you prepare to care for this cat and may just teach you whether or not this is the type of cat for you.

From their personalities to the best types of cat food for them, we will go over a wide range of topics to help you give them the best care. First, let us start with what to keep in mind before making your final decision of whether or not you should buy them.

What to Keep in Mind Before Owning a Blue Point Siamese Cat

Blue Point Siamese cats are often noted for their beauty and personality. Their bodies are mostly white with grayish markings on their ears, legs, and tail. Their eyes look sharp with a beautiful baby blue color and they also have the notable feature of any Siamese cat such as triangular ears, slim and long bodies, and long tails.

They have been popular for quite some time which drives up the price for these kitties. They can cost anywhere between $600 – $2000 depending on their care conditions. Since you are spending a pretty penny on these cats, it is important to understand their personalities and how much you will probably spend on them.

This is just a general overview, but I will go into more detail in a bit. They are very energetic and intelligent, hence, they require lots of attention. Buying them toys and providing stimulation is key to having them act on their best behavior.

If not enough stimulation or attention is given, their boredom may translate to mischievous behavior. Besides that, they are very friendly, sociable, and contrary to popular belief, affectionate. Though some people believe owning a cat is easy because they do not require attention or tend to be aloof, that is just not always the case.

If you are someone who works and has to leave their cat alone, I would suggest leaving them with a family member. I will go into more detail about their ideal atmosphere/living situation later.

The last point I want to make is their health condition. Again, this is just a general overview, but these cats can have a number of medical problems including eye problems, lung disease, and certain cancers.

I would be wary of where you buy them. Just because you get a cheap price does not mean you are getting a good deal. Now that we have some idea of what to expect, let us talk about the environment they will thrive in.

Living Conditions

If you have children at home or own another cat, then you are in luck. Blue Point Siamese cats are friendly and do well with children and other cats. In fact, they do well with dogs if properly introduced and if your dog themself is cat friendly.

With that said, if they are your first cat and you want to add another pet to your home, then they will not do well. They adapt easily with established pets, but not so great when they are the established pet and you are adding a family member.

What I think is quite cute about them is that they connect to one person. Of course, they will get along with multiple people, but like a child, they latch on to their caretaker. These cats are quite noisy, so if you are looking for a quiet home, then this is not the cat for you.

What I consider to be the best home environment is a lively home with a family. You want to minimize the time they spend at home as much as possible and you want to engage them. What is not ideal is a small apartment where there is only one person and that one person has to leave them alone while they go to work.

These cats cannot handle all that alone time and can become depressed. Hopefully, you meet this suggestion and we can move on to the next topic, their health conditions.

How to Care for Their Health

Nutrition, exercise, and access to medical care will increase the lifespan of your future furball. Besides the price you pay, the love and attention your cat gives are all worth providing the absolute best care for them. We will take a look at their lifespan and give you tips on how to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Nutrition and Exercise

The average lifespan of these types of cats are typically around 10-12 years. In order to keep them living their best life for as long as possible, proper nutrition and exercise is advised. Blue Point Siamese cats are very active.

To compensate for their high energy, they should eat foods high in protein and fats, and eat healthy carbs. Dry or wet foods both work, but the best foods are home cooked meals. Oftentimes in canned foods, they will be packed with by-products like artificial preservatives, colors, and other flavors.

If you can provide a home cooked meal, then that is great, but we know that not every cat owner has the time to make a meal everyday. Do you cook for yourself everyday of the week? I know I like to treat myself out once or twice a week and having your cat eat canned food is not the worst thing ever.

  1. Home cooked proteins such as: salmon, turkey, cod, or chicken
  2. Wet food with little to no by products.
  3. Kibble that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals

I have a couple of wet food brands I recommend. I like the brand Blue Buffalo and their Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Natural wet cat food is a good place to start. You can buy a 24 pack of cans for an affordable price. They contain no by-products, have a wide variety of recipes, and are all-natural.

I also appreciate that there is no added wheat or corn that is usually added in other canned food as a thickening agent. It is my safest pick and a brand that I can count on. The Wellness Complete Health Minced Grain Free Canned Wet Cat Food is also another great option.

You can get a pack of 24 for around the same price as the Blue Buffalo brand, and they also have a number of flavors. Again, just like Blue Buffalo, there are no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and they do not add any extra thickening agents either. They come with lean meats, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables.

For dry food, I recommend the Royal Canin Siamese Breed Adult Dry Cat Food, which is specifically made for this breed of cats. This is meant to specifically meet the nutritional needs of Siamese cats that are one year or older, so just keep that in mind.

They really take many details into consideration such as the shape of the food to promote oral health. It is shaped as a ring to reduce the amount of intake and increase their chewing. It supports healthy digestion with digestible proteins and prebiotics and helps them maintain their slim, yet muscular figure with the high protein and moderate fat levels.

The last point I want to make about this kibble is that with the targeted levels of vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids, it nourishes and maintains their signature coat. Now if you have a kitten, I also like this brand’s dry food for young kittens.

It is not as directly aimed for siamese kittens, but it is overall great kibble to maintain your future baby’s health. It is packed with vitamins, proteins, and minerals to accommodate for their high energy at their young age.

If your cat has developed health issues, there are certain types of foods that are meant to work around their health conditions. There are foods specifically made for: sensitive stomachs, weight management, free of potential allergens, etc.

I always advise that you consult with your veterinarian first for establishing a diet and before you decide to make a switch in their diet. Lastly, make sure they drink plenty of water. They will know where their primary food and water bowl are, but if you have extra bowls or space, you can add water bowls to places they frequently visit.

Now in terms of exercise, it is in their nature to be quite playful, so keeping them fit should not be too difficult. They are highly intelligent and you can train them fairly easily. Some ideas you might want to explore include electronic or moving toys that they can chase around the house or a cat tower or anything vertical for them to climb up and down from.

If you have the space and time, you can work on agility training which includes running through tubes, weaving through poles, and leaping through loops. These are just some ideas, but the most important part is that you and your feline friend have fun together performing these activities.

Health Problems

Now there are a number of problems that Blue Point Siamese cats can develop. We have to acknowledge the reality and it is better to understand their risk early so you as an owner can do what you can to prevent these issues from getting worse.


Of all the different cat breeds, Siamese cats are the most prone to progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). It is usually caused by a small gene pull, but is a trait that is being bred out. What this condition entails is the degeneration of the retina and your cat slowly becomes blind.

A health screening is necessary. Besides that, they don’t have great night vision and can get into accidents at night. There is also the issue of lens luxation that can also lead to blindness. Unfortunately, PRA can not be treated, but lens luxations can be.

Heart Defects

Another issue Siamese cats or cats in general can run into is the heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is another disease that has no cure, but with great care and medication, you can increase the quality of your cat’s life.

What happens with this disease is the muscular walls of a cat’s heart thickens, making it difficult for the heart to be efficient. Symptoms include loss of appetite, lethargy, difficulty breathing, etc. You can do a health screening for genetic testing to see if your future little one is at risk.

Other Health Issues

Unfortunately Siamese cats are prone to diseases because they are a pedigree breed. This includes liver disease, pancreatitis, cancer, asthma, lower airway disease, and bronchial disease. Some of these are more manageable, and others like pancreatitis, can be fatal.

Cats deserve to live a high quality life and Blue Point Siamese cats are beautiful creatures that deserve a home with a wonderful caretaker. Though there are some health issues at hand, genetic testing and health screenings are a good way to see if you have the capacity to care for whatever issues you run into.

Some problems are more manageable than others, but knowing yours and their limitations will help you provide the best care. They in return, provide lots of love and affection.

Final Thoughts

We are glad that you took the time to do your research and find whether or not Blue Point Siamese cats fit your home and lifestyle. They are beautiful, intelligent, and active little furry balls of energy that give back so much love and affection.

They are pretty bold, loud, and attention-seeking, just some of my favorite qualities about them. They are also a breed of cats that need a great deal of care. From their personalities to their health, special attention is needed, and having a good veterinarian could expand and improve their quality of life.

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