Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other?

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Can I put two litter boxes next to each other? – This is a common question that will show up in the head of almost any cat owners when they find their cats do not urinate and defecate in the same litter tray.

Why does this happen? What should you do in this case? We will discuss these hard questions in detail right below.

Why do my cats need more than one litter box?

There are several causes why felines typically urinate and defecate in different places.

A subjective reason relates to their wild instincts of separating and concealing their smells or to extend their territory by marking it with their scents.

Meanwhile, the most common objective reason is just that the available cat litter pan is too dirty or emits scents of other cats.

Whatever the cause is, your cats are likely to need at least two litter boxes for two types of elimination. And even when they do not really require that, more litter boxes also give them more freedom and hygiene.

Can I put two litter boxes next to each other?

It is a good idea to put two side-by-side litter boxes. When your kitten comes to her toilet, she can have more options to select from.

Furthermore, you can know what is your cat’s favorite type of litter box by putting two different models side by side, too.

Nonetheless, if possible, you ought to place several sets of two next-to-each-other litter trays in different spots all over your home. In this way, the felines can eliminate in more convenient and cleaner positions, and you can also find out the best elimination places for them as well.


1. Can two litter boxes be in the same room?

As we explained above, placing two kitty litter boxes side by side is totally fine. Hence, it goes without saying that you can put two litter boxes in the same room.

2. Where do you put the second litter box?


Apart from putting two litter boxes together in one place, there are some other favorable positions for you to put the second box.

Moreover, if there are multiple cats in your house, you should spread their litter trays in various places since not all felines share the same elimination place with their friends.

– Where you should put the litter boxes?

A rule of thumb is that litter boxes should be in spots where cats can find privacy, peace, and convenience.

We recommend putting litter boxes in the hallway or the top of a staircase. These locations are convenient, safe, and light enough for your felines to urinate and defecate comfortably.

However, each cat may have different preferences, so a good trick is researching the places where your cats love to come.

– Where you should avoid putting the litter boxes?

There are a few locations that your cat will not like to eliminate in.

Avoid putting the litter box in the bedroom


Don’t place any litter box in your bedroom as there are dangers of the litter box in the bedroom that your family has to face up with.

Firstly, urine and feces in the kitty litter will generate ammonia fumes, which is a toxic gas that can lead to respiratory issues for humans, such as pneumonia and other allergies.

Secondly, your family is also at risk of getting Salmonellosis, cat-scratch fever, and some other diseases that result from bacteria in the poop and piss of felines.

Thirdly, cat excrement is full of harmful parasites that are prone to infect people, such as Toxoplasma gondii, roundworms, hookworms, and ringworms.

Last but not least, your bedroom is often a dark place that felines cannot see themselves when they eliminate, which is unfavorable for their nature.

Avoid putting litter box near the water heater


As we mentioned above, there is ammonia in the piss and poop and cats. In addition to harming the human respiratory system, this gas will reduce the longevity of your water heater with corrosion over time.

Besides, a water heater is likely to be a dangerous appliance for your mischievous kitties.

A little kitty meets difficulty in climbing up and down the stairs will not like a litter box in the basement or a high story.

Also, places where people often go by like foyers or areas where there are noisy devices such as washing machines and industrial fans are neither ideal positions for litter boxes.

It is common sense that putting a litter box in the closet and a litter box in the laundry room will cause your clothing to smell bad, so we do not need to talk about this here.

Lastly, the distance between the litter boxes and food must be far enough for the food not to be contaminated by the litter.

For more intuitive guide, please check this video on Youtube:

3. Is it safe to put a litter box outside?

A litter box outside your home is absolutely safe for both your family members and the cats. We also find it an excellent solution for those whose gardens are often spoiled by their felines and other community cats.

4. Where to put the cat litter box in a small apartment?

If you have a small apartment, the number of locations to put the cat litter box must be restricted.

Basically, if you ask us “Where to put the cat litter box in a small apartment“, we would say the front of the bathroom and the hallway. They will not affect your life much but are still great locations for furry babies.

5. Should you have two litter boxes for two cats?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Two litter boxes for two felines are not so satisfactory to them.

Most pet experts approve the simple calculation “one set of two litter boxes per cat, plus one additional box for each extra cat” for the number of litter boxes that you had better have if you are living in a multi-cat household.

For instance, if you are raising two cats at the same time, you ought to place at least three boxes around your home. And if you have up to three cats in your house, buy four litter trays for them. It is just as simple as that.


So, you have learned the reason why your cats need more than one litter box, how many litter boxes you should buy, and where to put them in your home.

Do we miss anything? If there is any, comment on your questions below. We are very willing to solve all of them.

Can I put two litter boxes together? – now you have the answer.

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