Top 7 Best Corn Cat Litter That Your Cat Will Love It!

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Are you making a switch to corn cat litter? A wise decision of yours! However, choosing the best product might be a daunting task, especially if you do not have experience. Do not worry! I will help you with a comprehensive guide to corn cat litters. For those are pressed for time, pick up the World’s Best litter. I consider it the best choice for all cat parents.

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An Overview About Corn Cat Litter

What is the corn-based cat litter made from?


As its name might already suggest, corn cat litter is made from corn. However, the amount of corn in specific products may vary.

For example, World’s Best cat litters contain 100% natural compressed corn. Meanwhile, other competitors might have cedar or unnatural ingredients in their formula. Plant fibers are also found in corn-based cat litter.

How does corn-based cat litter work?

Corn cat litters bring about tremendous benefits for you, your pet, and the whole environment. Let’s dive into details!

  • First off, the natural cat litter is lightweight, so carrying and disposing of it should never be a hassle.
  • Cleaning is more convenient thanks to the corn granules, which are naturally absorbent. Plus, specific corn-based litter is flushable.
  • Most corn cat litters are 99% dust-free.
  • Corn granules allow us to control odors better.
  • Corn cat litters are eco-friendly, making it safer for the environment compared to traditional litters. Some products are even biodegradable.

How often should you change out corn cob cat litter?

Typically, you are advised to change out the box every two weeks or empty it whenever the litter becomes saturated enough. With clumps and waste, do not forget to scoop them out daily.

What to do with old corn cat litter?

It is much more straightforward with a flushable corn-based litter. You can simply flush it down the toilet in small quantities. Also, you can dispose of other biodegradable litters in flower gardens. Edible gardens are not suggested, however.

With corn-based boxes that contain unnatural ingredients, it would be best to secure the used litter in a trash bag before disposing of it in the landfill.

Is corn-based cat litter safe?

The answer depends on how you take care of it.

Do you know aflatoxin? It is a naturally occurring mycotoxin found on grains, including corn. Aflatoxin is toxic to both animals and humans. All corn cat litters are moisture-free before it comes out on the market. However, if you leave the box in damp corners, toxic aflatoxin might take advantage of the humidity to grow.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry if you keep the box in a cool and well-ventilated area. The brief answer to this question is, corn cat litters are totally safe as long as you keep it in a cool and dry area with low humidity levels.

What to look out for when switching to a corn cat litter?

You might be confused when making a switch to corn litters. Keep this buying guide at your fingertips to shop for the best corn cat litters.

Clumping vs. Non-clumping

Clumping options are more common as corn granules naturally clump when exposed to liquid. There are a few non-clumping corn cat litters on the market, but they would be harder to find.


Natural cat litters are biodegradable, while those containing unnatural ingredients are not. To check if one box is biodegradable or not, read the labels carefully.


As mentioned above, this feature adds more convenience for cat parents when it comes to cleaning the litter. Check out the instructions on the packaging to know if you can flush it or not.


All corn-based cat litters give off a natural smell. If you want a litter without scent, corn litter is not an ideal choice.

Reviews of 3 Best Corn Cat Litter

Before digging in, take a look at the comparison table of the best corn cat litters below.

Top Overall

The Best Odor Elimination

Best For Being Dust-free

Product NameWorld’s Best Cat LitterArm & Hammer Naturals Duty LitterNature’s Miracle Corn Cob Litter
Product ImagesArm & Hammer Naturals Duty Litter
Best Features
  • All-natural ingredients and great clumping action
  • Excellent odor control
  • 99.9% dust-free

Buy it on Amazon

Buy it on Amazon

Buy it on Amazon

#1: World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats

Buy it on Amazon

Topping our list today is a product of the World’s Best. Can it convince you into a purchase?

First off, the cat litter is made from corn kernels, wood fibers coupled with all-natural plant ingredients, which makes it eco-friendly and flushable.
What’s more, it is claimed to be 99% dust-free.

I appreciate the outstanding clumping action this corn cat litter offers. The ingredients form clumps effectively and stay hard for days to come. Little moisture is allowed to escape and make a mess at the bottom. Even if you have to move the litter box around, it does not fall apart and keeps your home clean. Amazing!

In terms of the scent, this unit has a mild natural smell to it that your cats barely notice. However, if you leave the box unattended for long, the litter exposed to fluids can give off an unappealing smell. Fortunately, regular cleanup should solve this problem.

This cat litter is intended for multiple cat boxes. It is available in 7, 8, 14, 15, and 28-pound bags, so you should be able to find the most suitable pack.

  • Maximum clumping action
  • Natural fresh smell
  • Convenient disposal
  • Foul smells when exposed to lots of fluids

#2: Arm & Hammer Naturals, Double Duty Litter

Arm & Hammer Naturals, Double Duty Litter

Buy it on Amazon

The next candidate on the list is Arm & Hammer litter. Let’s see if it is superior to the World’s Best cat litter.

To begin with, this is an all-natural corn cat litter. Aside from natural corn fibers, it contains odor neutralizers and baking soda. If you are environmentally aware, you might be interested in this unit.

You want to know about its clumping ability, don’t you? Well, it forms clump quickly when in contact with cat urines and feces. However, the clumps do not stay very hard over time, which might end up falling apart during removal. No worries if you are timely with removing clumps!

Most corn-based cat litters are not good at handling odor compared to clay products, but this litter is an exception. It is able to conceal the smell completely after forming clumps. However, do not let the clumps fall apart during removal, otherwise, the smell will come back to the air.

The unit has a natural smell, but there is a little chemical underlying scent. Fortunately, most cats do not seem to mind it. This cat litter is fairly lightweight, making transporting and relocating hassle-free. Overall, this Arm & Hammer cat litter is a decent choice for cat owners. I would love if its price went down a bit, however.

  • Quick to form clumps
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent odor elimination
  • Clumps may fall apart over time

#3: Nature’s Miracle Corn Cob Litter

Nature’s Miracle Corn Cob Litter

Buy it on Amazon

Last but not least, I want to introduce you to Nature’s Miracle premium cat litter. For your information, Nature’s Miracle has been a trusted brand for pet mess cleanup for more than 30 years.

The unit is made from a natural corn cob for a fast-clumping formula. I tested this unit at home and found it forming the clumps as soon as there was liquid. The clumps stayed quite hard for a few days, so cleanup was no hassle.

Plus, this cat litter is guaranteed to be 99.9% dust-free. Having it at home means less mess than ever, even if you own multiple cats at home. How about odor control? Some customers complained about the chemical smell of this cat litter. For me, I could hardly notice the smell, and my cats did not, either.

After clumps were formed, the smells of urine and feces completely disappeared. Basically, I was pleased with how this cat litter controlled the odor. Beware that the manufacturer does not recommend flushing this litter.

  • Quick to form clumps
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Good odor control
  • No flushing

4 More Top Corn Cat Litter Picks

#1: Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter


Buy it on Amazon

This Tidy Cats litter is the ideal option for cat owners having a tight budget. It is able to form tight clumps for convenient cleanup. Plus, the natural fresh scent helps control odors effectively.

Multiple cat households should take this item into consideration. Unfortunately, this corn-based cat litter is mixed with pine and cedar, so it is not biodegradable or flushable.

This litter pack is suitable for mechanical boxes.

#2: Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Cat Litter


Buy it on Amazon

Are you having cats with long hair? Then, this Rufus & Coco litter is highly recommended. It is made from pellet-like granules, which are not matted in thick fur. The biodegradable corn pellets will form scoopable clumps, which you can flush down the toilet at ease. This is apparently the convenient feature that you need.

It does not stop there. This litter is capable of absorbing 4 times more liquid than clay. So if you can afford a bit extra and seek a premium corn cat litter, this product is absolutely worth your investment.

#3: Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump Cat Litter


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Fans of Garfield should not skip this litter! This product is completely made from natural ingredients; therefore, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

What about flushable? You might ask.

Good news: this corn cat litter is flushable for hassle-free disposal. This Garfield litter is highly absorbent and able to form clumps quickly when exposed to liquid. For added convenience, the litter is dust-free with natural smells. No fragrance or perfume needed!

Last but not least, I like that the litter comes in white, allowing me to detect changes in my cat’s urine easily. If you might not know, the urine tells something about the health of your pets.

#4: Frisco All Natural Pine & Corn Cat Litter

Like the Garfield litter, this product by Frisco is made from 100% natural ingredients, dyes, chemicals, or fragrances that are nowhere to be found. Hence, it is biodegradable and flushable, which makes it excellent for eco-friendly cat owners.

This Frisco litter offers ultimate clumping action. It means the litter will immediately form small clumps when in contact with liquid. Plus, the corn-based cat litter provides amazing odor control.

For all those advantages, the Frisco litter is surprisingly affordable. You can own it without breaking your piggy bank. Multiple cat owners should add this product to their shopping list.

The Bottom Line

Above is all you need to know about corn cat litters and how to choose the best one. Again, my vote for the best of the best corn cat litter is the World’s Best because:

  • It has an affordable price tag
  • Available in multiple different quantities
  • Clumps quickly which stay hard over time

I hope these corn cat litter reviews are useful to you. Please like and share it with your friends who also own cats. Thank you for reading!

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