Creating a Safe, Secure and Stylish Cat Enclosure Attached to Your Home

Are you a proud cat owner looking for an easy way to create an outdoor space for your furry friend where they can enjoy fresh air and natural sunlight without the risk of wandering off or mingling with unacquainted animals? If so, then constructing a safe and secure cat enclosure attached to your home may be the perfect solution. Not only will this create a safe and spaciuous area for your cat – but with a little creative planning, you could also make it stylish too. In this article, we’ll discuss how to build a cat enclosure so that you can start enjoying the outdoors with your beloved feline today!

Planning & Constructing a Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Building a secure outdoor cat enclosure is an incredibly rewarding undertaking, providing cats with important exercise and fresh air, whilst keeping them suitably safe from potential predators. This guide will provide you with all the steps to guide you through planning for, designing, constructing and maintaining your new outside enclosure for cats.

First of all, it’s important to plan out the space that your enclosure will take up in your yard or garden, plus any additional space for possible furniture, shelter or climbing frames, if desired. Make sure to factor in the size and number of cats that you’re looking after – each cat needs at least 12 square feet of roaming space. Secondly, it’s important to create designs or sketches of the enclosure’s structure, taking into consideration different shapes and sizes of enclosures, the type of material that you’d like to use (i.e. wire mesh or wood panels) and the best way to construct it.

Once you’ve built your enclosure, you should make certain safety considerations to ensure your cats remain inside. If using wire mesh, pay attention to small spaces between wires – these may be able to squeezing through by animals or cats themselves. Also ensure the roof of your enclosure is covered and sealed adequately – cats are known to try and escape through gaps between fences and the roof. At this point, it’s time to furnish your cats’ enclosure with the appropriate toys and objects to keep your cats entertained and well-stimulated.

Regular cleaning of the enclosure and check-ups for wear and tear are also integral components of owning a secure cat enclosure. It’s advisable to clean any waste daily, as ammonia from urine can linger and irritate your cats or attract pests, which could then become predators of your pets. Checking for holes or damage in the material used for your enclosure every few months will help prevent any safety breaches.

Overall, ensuring your cats are happy and safe outdoors takes a bit of research and preparation. But once you’ve studied the right techniques and materials, you can construct a secure and enjoyable outdoor cat enclosure in the comfort of your own home.

Creating a Safe, Secure and Stylish Cat Enclosure Attached to Your Home

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Cat Enclosure Attached to Your Home

Having an outdoor cat enclosure attached to your home can offer many benefits for both you and your pet. An outdoor cat enclosure allows your pet a safe, secure area where they can explore and get exercise while still being close to home. This means that you don’t need to worry about them getting lost, as they will always have a safe space nearby. Additionally, an enclosed area also provides your cat with protection from predators, weather hazards like snow and rain, and any potentially hazardous materials such as pesticides.

The other major benefit of having an outdoor cat enclosure attached to your home is that it allows your cat the opportunity to once again enjoy the outdoors without risking their safety. With the right accessories like a scratching post, toys, and plenty of chairs, they are able to play in the wind and sun – something many indoor cats would love to do. Having this setup also means that they can appreciate the sights and smells of nature while bolstering their overall wellbeing.

Finally, an outdoor cat enclosure is ideal for decreasing distractions in your home. Instead of having your cat running indoors and out or meowing for attention all the time, they can access the open-air environment of an enclosure when desired, giving everyone some peace and quiet.

Overall, an outdoor cat enclosure attached to your home can serve many beneficial purposes, providing your cat with a safer way to explore and engage in the natural world around them.

Designing and Decorating a Stylish and Safe Cat Enclosure

Designing and decorating a stylish and safe cat enclosure can be a fun, creative activity for those with an eye for both style and safety. With the proper materials and know-how, you can create an attractive living space that will provide your pet cat with the necessary security while also highlighting your personal tastes.

Begin by selecting the right material for your design. For example, strong mesh can provide adequate ventilation as well as enhanced decorative options thanks to its lightweight nature. Other options include wood and plastic, both of which come in a range of colors and textures to suit the decor of your home.

In regards to size and shape, ensure that there is ample room for your pet to move around freely. Consider placing objects inside the enclosure to create interesting visuals, such as shelves and toys, as cats generally enjoy playing with these. Most importantly, consider adding secure top latches or clasps so that your pet cannot escape from the enclosure, and make sure to install secured locks in case children or other animals are present.

Similarly, safe flooring should be incorporated. Highly durable materials, such as rubber or indoor/outdoor carpet, are best since they are resistant to wear and tear, and provide plenty of traction for your pet’s comfort.

Finally, choose furnishings and decorations that will add warmth and interest to the area, such as wall hangings, beds and scratching posts. Integrating visual elements along with practicality will provide both you and your pet with satisfaction.

Fitting Accessories to Improve the Comfort and Functionality of Your Cat Enclosure

Cat enclosures can provide cats with a safe, secure environment to explore and play in while still letting them feel connected to the outdoors. However, not every cat enclosure is made equal. Adding certain accessories can enhance your cat’s comfort and sense of safety as well as improve its functionality. Here are some ideas for fitting accessories that can improve the comfort and functionality of your cat enclosure.

A cat tree or scratching post is essential for giving your feline friend a place of their own – somewhere to jump, climb, rest, scratch and mark their territory. Look for one specifically designed for outdoor use, or consider wrapping an indoor one in water-resistant material.

Platforms or raised ledges can be used to create multiple levels within the cat enclosure, providing a more stimulating and enjoyable environment. This type of accessory will also help keep cats occupied, as they love exploring and climbing up to high vantage points!

Toys and puzzles – cats need something to keep them mentally challenged, so adding stimulating activities such as hanging toys, treat balls, chewable items and puzzles to the enclosure will keep them entertained for hours.

Finally, coverings or shades provide cats with much-needed respite from the sun. Be sure to set them up in areas where your cat can easily retreat to if it becomes too hot, such as under trees or along the enclosure walls. You may also want to include a few small shelters and perches to give cats even more options to hide away and get comfortable.

By making small changes with these fitting accessories, you’ll make your cat’s outdoor experience significantly more comfortable and enjoyable!


In conclusion, creating a safe, secure and stylish cat enclosure attached to your home is an excellent way to give your feline family member the freedom they enjoy while ensuring their safety. Whether you choose a multi-level hanging or freestanding cat house, you’ll need to ensure that the size is suitable for your cat(s) and that it meets all safety regulations. With the right amount of planning and forethought, you can provide your cats with an enclosure that not only safeguards their well-being but also complements your home décor.

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