Get Rid of Old Dog Urine Smell in Carpet Using Simple Home Remedies

Are you troubled by the lingering odor of old dog urine in your carpet? Carpet odors from pet urine can be difficult to remove. But don’t worry, it is possible to eliminate old dog urine smell in carpets using simple home remedies! Using natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, you can get rid of those nasty smells without having to use expensive cleaning products. Read on for some easy-to-follow tips to help make your carpet look and smell good again!

1) Simple Home Remedies To Remove Dog Urine Odor From Carpet

Home remedies can be a great way to quickly and efficiently remove dog urine odor from carpets. Some of the most effective solutions involve using everyday household items including baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

Baking Soda – Sprinkling liberally with baking soda can effectively absorbs the smell associated with dog urine from the carpet fibers. Make sure to use an absorbent cloth or paper towels once you have spread it evenly over the affected area to properly suck up any moisture in the carpet. Once dried, vacuuming should take care of any remaining residue.

Vinegar – White vinegar has multiple uses for pet owners and can help get rid of dog urine odors as well as stubborn stains. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle or bowl and use a sponge to scrub away any visible particles or liquid from the surface of the carpet, then spray or dab onto the affected area and let sit for a few minutes before wiping away with a damp cloth. A second application may be necessary in worst cases.

Hydrogen Peroxide – As with all cleaning methods, extra attention should be placed on more delicate materials such as silk rug fibers when attempting removal with hydrogen peroxide. Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with an equal amount of warm water, dip a clean rag into the mixture, squeeze out any excess fluid, and softly blot at the affected area until fully saturated. This helps not only remove smells but also trigger antibacterial properties against bacteria left behind by animal waste. Allow for up to 20 minutes for absorption before cleaning off excessively wet surface residue with another clean cloth or paper towel.

2) Baking Soda: An Effective Method For Neutralizing Dog Urine Smell On Carpet

Baking soda is a potent, natural way to neutralize odors, and it can be especially handy when dealing with dog urine smells on carpets. Baking soda works by naturally absorbing odors and moisture. When it comes in contact with dog urine, baking soda binds the stains deep within the carpet fibers and deodorizes them, thereby neutralizing any unpleasant smells. In addition, baking soda leaves behind a pleasant scent that lingers for hours after the solution has been applied.

To use baking soda as an effective method for neutralizing dog urine smell on carpets, simply sprinkle some onto the affected area of your carpet and then add warm water to form a paste. Use a sponge to gently rub the paste into the stain and give it time to sit before vacuuming. Once you’ve finished cleaning, removing all of the baking soda from the carpet should help eliminate any lingering odors caused by pet urine. Depending on how severe the stench was, you may find yourself repeating this process several times over a few days or even weeks before you achieve desired results.

3) Pros and Cons of Using Vinegar To Get Rid of Old Dog Urine Odors From Carpets

Vinegar is often used as an effective odor neutralizer, and it can be a powerful tool in removing old dog urine odors from carpets. Here are some pros and cons of using vinegar to get rid of these unpleasant smells:


– Vinegar has a acidic pH level that helps break down the ammonia salt crystals in dog urine which neutralizes the smell. It can even reach deep into the fibers and padding of your carpet to completely erase any smell.

– Vinegar solutions can be made with common household ingredients, so you won’t need to buy special products or chemical cleaners.

– Vinegar is also a natural antimicrobial, so it not only removes smells but also kills any remaining bacteria which could lead to more bad smelling smells.

– The scent of undiluted vinegar may linger for several days after use, so it is important to use it properly by diluting it with water if possible.

– Too much vinegar can also damage carpets, especially natural fibers such as wool or cotton, so be sure to follow directions carefully when cleaning carpets with vinegar solutions.

– Another issue with using vinegar on carpets is the fact that it may lighten their color over time so this should be taken into consideration before treating your floors.

Overall, using vinegar solutions to remove old dog urine odors from carpets can be an effective and budget-friendly way to rid your home of unpleasant smells; however, proper care must be taken when applying them in order to ensure no further damage occurs.

4) Significance of Clearing Up Any Existing Stains Before Treating the ODor

Clearing up existing stains is an important step before tackling any odor issues. Stains from pet urine, spilled drinks or other sources of liquid can become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria and mold growth if left untreated. Not only will this worsen the odor problem, but the growth of these organisms can also cause health risks such as allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. Additionally, some cleaning products cannot be used on existing stains and will only have an effect when applied to fresh surfaces. Therefore, clearing off any existing stains should be done first in order to ensure more effective results when dealing with odors.

5) The Benefits Of Deodorizers For Permanent Removal Of Dog Urine Smells In Carpet

1. The first major benefit of deodorizers for permanent removal of dog urine smells in carpets is their effectiveness at combating odors. Deodorizers are specially formulated to break down and neutralize strong odors such as those caused by canine urine stains. This makes them very effective and reliable solutions for getting rid of persistent pet odors.

2. Another advantage of using deodorizers is that they provide a long-term solution for eliminating pet smell in carpets. Unlike other products such as sprays and cleaners, deodorizers penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and work to permanently remove all traces of odor. This eliminates the need to continuously reapply or use additional cleaning products over time to keep the scent away.

3. Deodorizers also offer a cost-effective option for getting rid of bad smells from carpets caused by pets. Many are available in powder form, so you only have to buy enough for one application instead of having to purchase multiple products over time.

4. Some deodorizers can be used on other materials in addition to carpets, such as furniture or upholstery fabrics. This expands their usefulness beyond just treating carpets affected by pet odor and allows owners to target entire rooms if needed for an odor-free home environment overall.

5. Finally, deodorizers are generally safe for both people and pets alike, reducing any worries about putting harmful chemicals in your home or causing any adverse effects on members of your household during its use.

If you have recently noticed an old urine smell in your carpet, the good news is that there are many simple home remedies available to help get rid of the odor. From vinegar and baking soda to borax mixtures and natural cleaners like enzymatic cleaners, you can find lots of options online or at local stores which can help eliminate the unwanted canine scent from your carpets. Following a few simple steps can easily take care of the problem before it gets worse.


First, make a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts and pour it over the stained area. Scrub gently with a brush or sponge before drying with paper towels and repeating to remove as much urine as possible. The vinegar’s acidity will help break down the odors quickly.

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