What is Binx the Cat’s Name in Hocus Pocus?

Binx the Cat is a beloved character from the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Fans of the 1993 hit film have long wondered: What is Binx’s real name? The answer might surprise you! From his onscreen origin story to hidden details about this spooky feline, learn more about the history and special meaning behind Binx the Cat’s name in Hocus Pocus.

Origin Story of Binx the Cat in “Hocus Pocus”

Binx, the Cat from Hocus Pocus, is seen as equal parts comic relief and magical familiar. He was once a 17th-century human who was turned into a black cat for eternity by Thackery Binx when he tried to save his sister Emily from the Sanderson Sisters. When Thackery passed away, he left his spirit in Binx’s body so that he could help Max Dennison and his friends take down the witches and return to their immortal, villainous state.

Over the course of the movie, Binx follows Max, Dani, and Allison around giving them advice while they try to figure out how to reverse the magic that cursed him. His role changes through the course of the film, culminating in taking on a new form to save his newfound family. In the climax of the movie, Binx transforms back into Thackery, sacrificing himself to vanquish the Sanderson Sisters.

Little does everyone know, however, that at the end of the movie, a stray black cat can be seen across Salem’s town square, hinting that his soul has been reincarnated and will live on forever.

Overview of Binx’s Arc and Character Development

Binx Walton’s arc and character development is an integral part of the film, The Craft (1996). He is introduced as a tormented teenager with a troubled past. He has moved to Los Angeles to attend a new school, where he befriends three girls – Sarah ‘Jeanine’, Nancy, and Bonnie – who are obsessed with witchcraft. Due to his loneliness and desperation for companionship, Binx becomes deeply enmeshed in this dark world.

Despite having a dark side, Binx is kind-hearted and loyal to the girls. He helps them complete the spells that they cast except the final dangerous one. When the girls are threatened by cult leader Damien, Binx is able to stand up for them and confront their enemy. By performing magic feats and using a black figure spell, Binx successfully defends the girls, showing his courage and strength.

As the story progresses, Binx undergoes a dramatic transformation. He moves away from an obsession with witchcraft and magic to become more spiritually aware. He finds peace within himself and discovers the power of friendship and love, both inside and out of the magical realm. This makes him stronger than ever before and able to protect his friends from danger. Through this journey, we see that Binx is capable of great changes and capable of being a brave hero. By the end, he has become a powerful force in the movie and represents the growth of hope and goodness.

Modern Reception and Cultural Impact of Binx the Cat

Binx the Cat is a popular internet meme that has taken on a life of its own since its inception in 2020. It features an orange tabby cat wearing sunglasses with an unsettling, blank stare. Though often considered “creepy” or “unnerving”, the chaotic comedy embedded within Binx the Cat has resonated with internet users around the world, propelling it to become one of the most widely shared memes of 2021.

The modern reception for Binx the Cat has seen the character assimilated into popular culture through fan art, custom merchandise, and inside jokes. On a smaller scale, these words, images, and references blur the lines between online and offline as people share their thoughts, impressions, and interpretations of the phenomenon.

On a macro scale, however, Binx the Cat has taken on a Life of its own, inspiring new stories, characters, and labels such as binxing, binx-friends, and binxland. Additionally, the image of the orange tabby cat has even inspired movements fighting against the stigma surrounding cats, with some likening him to a furry hero ready to take up the mantle. Through both its multifaceted cultural impact and distinctively modern appeal, Binx the Cat has become more than just an internet meme—it is a source of joy and confusion, a symbol of resilience and defiance, and a brilliant blend of chaos, comedy, and a bit of the unexpected.

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